Samos, Greece's gem!

Samos is one of Greece's greenest islands with its famous pine forests that have existed since ancient time. Even then, it was said that "Samos is so fertile that even the sparrow gives milk", and despite the large forest fires that raged in 2000, the new trees come up, and covered almost all "wounds" from the burned areas and Samos is green and beautiful again.

Between the forests appear silvery leaves of olive trees and plantations of grapevines. It is grown mainly on low growing muscat grapes that can withstand the harsh winds that may come up during the winter in the mountains. They then become the great wines of Samos actually exported to Sweden since the 1600s. The most famous have always been sweet Samos wine, a sherry like desert wine, but today is also white table wines and Rose wines have win a lot of medals at wine shows around the world. A visit to the wine factory in the town of Samos, where their museum there, with tastings of the products is highly recommended. It is said in legend to the first grape plant in Samos man of God Dionyssos (Baccus) so it is a long tradition.

Up in the mountains, small villages tucked away and protected for, among other things pirate attacks during the 1700-1800s. When you tire of the beach you can climb up on the winding roads to one of the picturesque little villages such as Vourliotes, Manolates, Ambelos or Platanos. Often gathered men from the villages on the small square in the middle of the village and philosophize about life, politics, football, or playing the ever-present board game "Tavli".

The capital, Samos or Vathy "as the town's name was for many years were built in two parts. The lower but shops, museums and the harbor and the upper, "Ano Vathy", old town, built in Amphitheater style to have the views of the harbor entrance so they could see if some intruder came to the island.

Samos is an island perfect for walkers, flower lovers, mountain bike, explorers and those who just want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and swimming.

Samos has no dangerous animals in the sea, the worst thing is stepping on a Sea Urchin. Thongs can be recommended so you don’t have to remember where you put your foot. Most beaches are flat stones on the beach but well into the water there is sandy bottom. Many beaches have Sun beds which, of course, pay for, but there must be room on each beach for those who do not want to use theme.

It is easy to find their own favorite beach when there are about 240 beaches of various sizes around the island. Psili Ammos is one of the few sandy beaches on the island, suitable children beach when it is shallow for the bigger "kids" Livadaki which lies in a bay 8 km away from the town of Samos.

You can Surf, Sail, Dive, Snorkel, Paddle a sea canoe around in Samos Island. For those who never tried before, there is surfing, sailing and diving schools.

Samos also has a large selection for those of you who are interested in * Archaeology. A new museum is in Pythagorion, Samos town is Kouros statue in his own museum next to the Archaeological Musetta in the center. Antonio and Cleopatra's bath is outside Pythagorion and where you can also see Efpalinius tunnel. A masterpiece of the engineer Efpalinius built in 500 BC to bring fresh water from the mountains to the then major port Phytagorion. A precision works today may even be compared to the tunnel between Dover and Calais. Samos has, despite a large number of tourists each year since the late 1970s retained its natural charm and not destroyed. This is where those who want to enjoy, explore, swim, sunbathe and get new powers!

Wine festival


From late July to September is the time to harvest and squeeze the grapes. In the lower area the Grapes are ready early and up in the mountains the harvest continues until late September. August is the time for the annually Wine festival on Samos. This goes around to different villages for 3-4 weeks with music, dancing, sale of local products and complimentary wine from Samos wine factory. The festival ends in Samos town with large festivities performance of music and dance groups from Samos and from various parts of Greece.



After the grapes are pressed save what's left in the press, shells, etc., which are then stored in special rooms for the "mature". In October-November they are then pressed to the much loved drink Souma. Elsewhere in Greece, also known as Raki or Tzsiporo. The procedure is the same as the "home distilling", boiling water goes in a serpentine to a large round kettle where the remains from the pressing is put and then close the container by mixing flour and water into a batter and spread it around the joints. After a while, slowly it starts dripping a clear liquid and the first that will come out is strong between 40 and 50% alcohol (about 2 liters at each cooking) and then comes the long awaited Souma which usually holds between 16-18% alcohols. This poured in the bottles to have with the "Meze" and the strong liquid, called "Bass” is used as a liniment (for external use) against colds and joint pain. One must say that the wine plants are very useful. One can make Dolmades, desserts, jams, juice, wine, and last but not least Souma.



For those who are interested in birds are also a lot of species that are difficult to see in Sweden. Several species of owls, raptors and very beautiful Bee-eater in turquoise, flying in the flock and visit Samos during May-June. At the beach Psili Ammos is a small lake with brackish water, and it brings together different species of ducks in great colors and of course the beautiful Flamingo.



Animal life in general at Samos is quite limited. There is little Distiller, Wildcat’s Turtles, Chameleons, Jackals, Wild Rabbit, Wild boar (now in limited number) but no big game exactly. Scorpios can be seen if you lift the stones and occasionally snake are also available. The most venomous snake is viper/ adder, the same genus and same designs, but lighter color. Skorpioner kan man ha tur att få se om man lyfter på stenar och en och annan orm finns också. Den giftigaste ormen är som vår Huggorm, samma släkte och samma zick zak mönster, men ljusare färg.

Ephesus / Kusadasi - Asia Minor.


The proximity to Turkey, of course give one the opportunity to visit to the port town of Kusadasi and the nearby Ephesus. There are day trips from Samos town and Pythagorion. Ephesus is one of the ancient great masterpieces, the theater, famous for its superb acoustics and the Celsius library that is completely rebuilt. A day tour of culture and shopping .

Welcome to discover the beautiful island you too!!!!