Samos during the winter is like UK in the autumn.

Melamfilo rent studios per month during autumn and winter period. Welcome to contact us for Special prices and availability out of season.All prices include electricity / water, use of washing machine. All studios are heated and fully equipped for 2 persons.

Until December, the weather is beautiful with many warm and sunny days and Aegean see is blank as oil and reminds you of the Indian summer. There is often very little wind and all the flowers reach full bloom until Christmas. There may be rain showers, but it is tend to not be so long. The rainy period usually come in Jan-February. After a little rain you can quick go back to the balcony again and enjoy the warm sun and a genuine Frappe.
Samos has much to offer during this time of year for those who want to come from the dull season in England and extend the summer period. Maybe you like to help with picking olives in a farm or just visit and see how hard work it needs to make the golden oil.

This time of the year is a calm and quiet period where the summer's events is over.

Spring and autumn are great times to hike in Samos. July and August are too hot but from September to December rivers with a comfortable temperature. From April Samos is blooming in the mountains and there are many wild orchids. Broom in blooming everywhere and it looks like you poured yellow oil paint on the hillsides. Already in March Mimosa trees begins to bloom and then follow other trees as Persian lilac, Jacaranda trees,  Acacia and the butterfly-like flowers on the Caper.

Bath temperature goes down of course but there are many who continue swimming year around. November-December we have about 16-18 degrees in the sea.

Samos City has Theatre, Cinema, where all films are sent in the original language, shops, restaurants and cafeteria with outdoor cafes open even in the winter period. Some supermarkets have home delivery of the goods and can be ordered by phone.

Why not eat turkey on the porch or the balcony next time and let the shovel stand in the store!


Samos town has a Regional Hospital that is effective, and they have almost all kinds of doctors ready to help in any case. There is also a dialysis center, for those who need this during their stay.